Football. Soccer. The ole’ pigskin. Whatever you want to call it, it is undeniable the biggest, and by that rationale the most commercial of all sports we play in 2020.

It generates vast sums of money (European football alone is valued at generating £25 billion – BBC) that are often mind-boggling for the normal fan to get their heads around.

This sport has consumed, shocked and entertained me for the majority of my life. It’s helped me make friends when my family moved around, it’s stopped me from being bullied, and some of my happiest memories stem from being on the football pitch.

I’ve been consuming every aspect of football-related media for decades now and as it’s grown as an industry, so has the amount of content produced. If it’s been published, I’ve read it.

As I grew older, moving into the world of work, learning about finance, contracts, marketing & sponsorship-related things, the football Octopus (in my head) started gaining more and more tentacles and I found that I found the business side of football almost as interesting as what was going on on the pitch. In fact, for as long as I can remember, my dream has been to own and run a football club. is for people like myself, total utter football nerds.

Right now, with a baby on the way in a couple of weeks, I would like to try and curate the most interesting business and football content I find, alongside with some thoughts and opinion pieces from myself.

Topics I will aim to cover will include Marketing, Sponsorship, FFP, Transfers & Contracts, Technology, Sustainability and Interviews from the business side of the football industry.

If anybody reading has suggestions for any more topics, there is a contact form!

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